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McCall Intertrade is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ADL (Aids for Daily Living) products. We are an innovative and agile company committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our customers and business partners. Driven by our culture that is passionate about what we do, always curious to discover or create the best solutions and guided by 25 years of experience, we have a history of delivering ground-breaking products for our customers.
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We are always searching for innovative products through licensing, working with inventors, and industry partners. We welcome every opportunity to discover better solutions for our customers that will make their lives easier.


At McCall Intertrade, due to our many years of manufacturing experience, have a broad selection of outstanding factories that we work with for OEM and private label manufacturing. We design, prototype and mass produce a wide array of consumer products while delivering quality control and high standards. We strive to excel in product sustainability that provides long-term environmental, social and economic benefits.


Our success comes from exceeding customer expectations, delivering high-value innovation and working closely with our channel partners to optimize in store merchandising and point of sale concepts. Our Products.



Our Directors

A diverse group of dynamic individuals make up the leadership team at McCall Intertrade. Our mission and purpose is to support a culture of continuous high-value innovation that fuels long-term growth while making a positive impact on our company, customers and business partners.

Their Vision

We strive to help people achieve their goals: We make products that help people to become or stay independent, enjoy a higher quality of life while offering affordable product solutions to make their lives easier. Our business partners benefit from our products, merchandising and consumer insight expertise.

Paul Boeren
Paul Boeren
Chairman (Founder & Owner)
Paul is a entrepreneur and his Philosophy when you work hard and meet the right people you can reach every goal. A great example of meeting great people is McCall Intertrade we help you to reach your goals. Paul is born and lives in the Netherlands and is a real entrepreneur, motivator and marketer. Paul runs the headquarter in the Netherlands.
Roel Mutsaers
Roel Mutsaers
With a background rooted in purchase departments, sales and product management in several branches, Roel is very much focussed on quality and pricing. Besides that his goals are investing in long-lasting relationships and a steady improvement of business as well as products and promotion. Roel is based in the Netherlands where he works at the headquarters of McCall Intertrade and manages business for Europe and Asia. With his team of experts he is dedicated to deliver the very best at all time. You can contact Roel at: roel@mccallintertrade.com

Sourcing & Manufacturing

At McCall Intertrade we offer a full variety of sourcing and manufacturing solutions for almost any product. We work with a variety of reliable factories that have a proven track record in their industry. Depending on your criteria and go to market strategy, we match up the best factory for your needs with the highest ROI possible. We have a dedicated team of people in our Hangzhou office that manages every project from start to finish. Our services also include product design, proto typing, quality control and logistics.

Step 1

Our client provides product information, including CAD drawings, prototype (when possible) and a clear description of the product function and purpose. When needed, we sign a confidentiality agreement.

Step 2

Our product team will evaluate your product and all submitted information and provide feedback and a feasibility report from a manufacturing prospective.

Step 3

We will select the appropriate factory within our network that is capable of manufacturing your product. Based on the factories calculations and our expertise, we will prepare a proposal for your product. This may include tooling, product and freight cost.

Step 4

When the proposal is accepted, we begin the development of your product. Based on the CAD drawings we provide a rapid prototype first, to make sure the product design and CAD files are correct and the product functions properly. Once approved, we start the tooling process. After tooling has been made we provide a pre-production sample for approval. Once this is approved, we start mass production for your order. (Some products do not require tooling, in that case this step will be skipped)

Step 5

We test and continually QC (quality control) your product to make sure it’s being built according to your specifications.

Step 6

When production is complete, we conduct a final QC (quality control) review and prepare for shipment.


At McCall Intertrade we are looking for inventors with exciting new product ideas for our established global distribution channels. If you have invented what you believe can become a high-volume consumer product, we invite you to contact our company. We will gladly evaluate your product idea and its marketability and work out a licensing agreement when appropriate. We export to over 41 countries and work together closely with our in country distributors to maximize sales for your product in their specific markets.
We know how important it is to keep your idea or product confidential. Upon submission for your evaluation, we at McCall Intertrade enter into a “Confidentiality Agreement.” This insures that all of the information you give us will be handled in confidence.
 Please contact Remco at Remco@mccallintertrade.com for more information.

Import & Export

McCall Intertrade has a proven track record in international trade. We import and export products across the globe and work with reliable partners that have earned our trust. Our product team only selects the most innovative and unique products that help our trade partners increase their revenue and loyalty with their customers in their specific verticals. We have established trade partners in over 41 countries.


Before we select and buy new products we make sure they meet a genuine consumer need, ensure a strong price and value relationship, along with strong product economics. We also make sure the product performance measures up to the consumer expectation.


The objective of our logistics system is to reduce cycle times and overall inventories, lower costs and most importantly, improve customer service. Warehousing increases the utility value of goods by providing a means to have the right products available at the right place in the right time. In order to optimize fulfillment to our clients, we warehouse our products in the all local markets we sell.


Finding the correct channels to get the right product to a customer can be as important as the product itself. We work hand in hand with our channel partners to design win-win merchandising solutions that increase our mutual success. Our success comes from meeting and exceeding customer expectations and working closely with our channel partners to optimize per country/market in store merchandising and point of sale concepts.


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